I've been wanting to thank you for the energy work you did on me. My back pain that I had for all of 2018 is gone. I was puzzled when you asked about a problem with my knees hyper-extending, but over the last month I've realized that I lock my knees ALL THE TIME. I've had to consciously fix the bad habit, it feels unnatural to stand normally. I know God sent you my way to bless my life. You are very talented and a pure vessel. Thanks again.

— Heather Dunkley, Las Vegas, NV

"Wow and wow. I am in awe. Talking to Allison was such an awesome experience, my heart center and palms hummed with activations the entire hour. I felt continuous waves of downloads, and the unseating of some particularly stubborn distortions around confidence and self-trust. After five years on a solitary ascension path, I now have the verification, confirmation, and information I need to move forward into the next phase of my experience. Allison provided a profound feeling of safety, support, and space. Very few people are capable of holding that kind of space. and she did it with such love and presence, which is important for sensitives. The synchronicities that happened both before and during the call, and that continue to happen now, are amazing and undeniable. Things from my childhood finally make sense. THIS is what a reading should look like. Clear. Heart-centered. Empowering."

— Kat C., Houston, Texas.

"Allison has the rare gift of sight and purity. Her ability to accurately identify blockages multidimensionally is ahead of the time. In all my looking around, I've yet to find someone who can get right to the core of true consciousness and maintain Presence and Love for helping connect others to their Life Purpose. Her Energy Work, distance or in person, cuts through the layers of emotional and mental perceptions and leaves you feeling cleansed, activated, and filled with Angelic Light. Allison is a True Gift to this shifting world. A session with her will change your life."

— Wind Walker, Asheville, NC

"Since my session with you, my life has taken an amazing turn. You've made me realized that I needed intense physical exercise and I've started kick boxing and love it!!! I've also reduced my salt intake and have taken great steps towards a healthier nutrition customized to my needs that you identified during my session. I feel so much better in my body, mind and soul. Thank you."

— Isabel Savoie

"Holy Mackerel I have tears of joy right now and can't believe how accurate this is!!! Everything just resonates with where I am, right here, right now. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate you, your love, and your light!"

— Gloria Lee Alexander

"Wow... thank you Allison. I am a little beside myself! What was said couldn't be more true. It's quite overwhelming. I appreciate the validation that [what was written] is my purpose. Thank you so much for your insight!"

— Krista A.

To work with Allison is a sacred honour. She is a sweet, bright light who can show you gently but firmly your truths through her gifted ability to connect with the divine realm and see your energy, connecting to guidance that supports you in becoming and expressing your soul truths and desires. She manages to find the words to express what she is seeing and translate that to something meaningful with grounded wisdom and practical measures to help you integrate more of ‘You’ into your 3D waking life, each session stays with me for long periods, percolating and sometimes only making sense to my monkey mind months later when each time she has proved right on point. She has been profoundly sincere and supportive during turbulent periods, I always come away from her presence feeling uplifted and feeling seen at a very high level which touches the heart. I encourage any one who is looking for guidance on finding their true essence and heart centre to reach out to her and bathe in her warm glow.

— Helen Dixon

What are your visions and dreams? What is your calling in life?

Hello, I’m Allison. Thank you for joining me! You can read more about me here. My greatest joy is to assist you in finding your way through the rough points and blockages, to bring greater clarity to your purpose so you can SHINE YOUR LIGHT the way you were meant to – with ecstatic joy. Please visit the SERVICES page for information on how I can help you in your awakening transformation.

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