You are here to be a True Creator

As a creator, you are meant to experience life as pure, exuberant joy.

The Era of The True Creator

A book about navigating the new era and transitioning into our mastery through conscious choosing.



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What people are saying:

“To work with Allison is a sacred honour. She manages to find the words to express what she is seeing and translate that to something meaningful with grounded wisdom and practical measures to help you integrate more of ‘You’ into your 3D waking life. ”

— Helen Dixon

“Her services provided me with guidance to live an enhanced life while getting insights on what was happening in my current situation. Not only did she provide information that was insightful, she delivered it with compassion and clarity. I would recommend Allison to anyone.”

— Isabel Savoie
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What are your visions and dreams? What is your calling in life?

Hello, I’m Allison. Thank you for joining me! You can read more about me here. My greatest joy is to assist you in finding your way through the rough points and blockages, to bring greater clarity to your purpose so you can SHINE YOUR LIGHT the way you were meant to – with ecstatic joy. Please visit the SERVICES page for information on how I can help you in your awakening transformation.

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