What is loneliness, and what can we do about it? Channeled Notes

What is loneliness, and what can we do about it? Channeled Notes

I had the opportunity to channel for my incredible friend a few months ago, and during the session she asked about being single and desiring a partner. This led her to asking about her feelings of loneliness and what to do with them. The transcripts below are what came through.


C: What self love aspects work do I need to do? What can I personally work on to aid in finding the right match?

Allison Holley Channeling: “Self love is not the issue. You’re making space for another person. You’ve been on a journey of exploration, enjoying your own personal space. You weren’t ready to have another in your life as a constant companion, though you felt that you were, you quite enjoyed being on your own. This is important for you to realize because there may be many times throughout your existence in which you desire to have your own experience. When you find yourself in these places, moments in time, you now know how to navigate that.”

C: So … When I’m feeling lonely … because I’m alone … Any advice for how to get through that?

Allison Holley Channeling: “Just as everything is, that is an Earthly experience you wish to have, an emotion that brings you growth. So in that sense, there is nothing to do about it but feel it. But we understand that your desire is to feel more pleasurable emotional states. Loneliness is an energy state of longing to not exist within the moment; in a way, not being entertained by yourself. When you feel lonely, get up and do something about it. Go be with people, self-pleasure, create the circumstances that you are seeking. Your problem is you believe loneliness is a state that you need to get out of, when loneliness is simply a state of being where no change needs to occur other than the observance of this state. You are stepping more now into being the observer at this time, which is new territory for you.”


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