The Garden


Ecstatic Sexuality and Awakening Guidance

What is The Garden?

Hey beautiful Creator! Welcome to my online community. The Garden is a place where you can explore and learn about sacred sexuality, your intuitive gifts, and what it means to be an awakened being in this world, at this time.

Each month in The Garden, you will receive:

🌺 Once monthly live coaching or channeling session, led by Allison Holley.

🌺  A “monthly download” pre-recorded class on topics such as SEX MAGIC and becoming an EMPOWERED EMPATH.

🌺  Community discussion forum, for you to ask questions and connect with the other incredible people in this community.

🌺 Discounts on private sessions and programs.

Yes I would like to enter The Garden!

Monthly Membership


Your Guide

Allison Holley is a channel, intuitive guide, and ecstatic sexuality teacher. She is also the author of the book, The Era of the True Creator – a book that was written through a compilation of channeling transcripts, full of information given to her from her many guides and interplanetary friends. 

Allison began channeling in 2012 as the result of an intense and life-changing spiritual awakening. Her greatest joy is assisting others in navigating their own awakening, and becoming the True Creators and masters that they (YOU) really are.

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