What is the Ecstatic Playground?

 An 8-week immersive online course for spiritually-centered beings, who are ready to transform their relationship with sex and elevate their erotic energy.


Includes enlightening education on the 5 Erotic Blueprints (™) as well as channeled and quantum science-based information on the energetics of our sexual nature. 


Discover breakthrough techniques and practices for cultivating connection and arousal, confidence and safety, opening new worlds of pleasure and sexual satisfaction.


Learn the Erotic Blueprints ™

and how they apply to those who are on the spiritual life path. 


Uncover your personal map to ecstasy.


Experience feelings of alignment and pleasures you didn’t even know

were possible!


It's time to...

Celebrate your body and your human experience!

Finally connect your sexuality and spirituality!

Clear the shadows that hold you back from real pleasure!

Feel sexual alignment and… freedom!

Expand into new ways of playing that feel safe, happy, and bring you more joy!

What will you get in our 8-week
Ecstatic Playground experience together?

Understand the superpowers and shadows of each Erotic Blueprint Type, helping you to increase personal pleasure and finally connect with your partner using their language.

Know how to transform a mediocre, stale relationship into a romance filled with adventure, fun and excitement.

A pathway to boosting libido and arousal, which means more sexual frequency and fulfillment.

Tools to help you feel more alive and satisfied instead of stuck in your head, unable to feel what is really happening in your body.

Here's what we will be exploring:

Week 1: Orgasmic Orientation – In week one, we create the welcoming and honoring container that will guide us into our two month transformation together. I’ll be sharing with you an overview of the content that we’ll be exploring, we’ll be writing down our goals, and finding deep commitment to our personal growth! Your homework (or home PLAY) starts right away!

Week 2: Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough – Woohoo! The good stuff! This week I’ll be teaching you: The 5 States of Sexuality; The 5 Blueprint types; The 4 Obstacles and Pathways to Sexual Health and Pleasure.

Week 3: Determining Blueprints – In this week you will learn how to determine your own Blueprint, and how to identify someone else’s Blueprint as well. We will play a few games together to help bring this understanding into our bodies, and make it really fun and pleasurable!

Week 4: Feeding the Blueprints – Oh so good, and lots of play this week! I want you to understand how to FINALLY feel satiated – to understand your own needs, and to be able to more deeply connect with and meet the needs of your partner(s) as well. I’ll be sharing tools on how to communicate as well.

Week 5: Speaking the Blueprint – There IS such a thing as Aural Sex 😉 This is the week we learn how to speak the right words and use the right tone of voice and body language for each and every Blueprint. You are learning how to create sensuous foreplay that will build delicious tension for hours and even days…

Week 6: Healing the Blueprint – What has been holding you back from fully exploring your many avenues to pleasure? Often, it’s the Blueprint shadows. Learn how to heal these to create more expansion and freedom in your life. Room for PLAY.

Week 7: Erotic Expansion – Wouldn’t you like to know how to create even more eroticism and play in your world? When we stay in problem solving mode, we get stuck. Expansion is the way out! This module is all about learning new sexy tools to incorporate into your world, so you can play even more.

Week 8: “Commitment to Yourself” ceremony and guidance for lifelong integration – Now that you’ve taken out the old stuff that isn’t serving you and learned some powerful new tools, it’s time to shine big! This is really, just the  beginning 😉

Are you ready to solve these problems?

  • Disconnection from your sexuality
  • Hypersensitivity and shutdown
  • Spending your life moving between two extremes: “being a spiritual person” or “being a sexual person”
  • Feeling guilt and shame for your sexual desires
  • Feeling dirty or shameful after orgasm
  • Not knowing how to communicate with your partner(s) to feel really seen and understood
  • Hiding your desires from yourself and others 
  • Giving up on sex – “I’ll just be spiritual then, and serve my purpose to humanity” — GUESS WHAT? Your pleasure lights you up, and therefore it IS your service to humanity!

These 8 weeks will forever shift your sexuality, bring you into alignment, and open you to your inherent ecstatic energy!

Your Guide Into Ecstasy:

Allison Holley is an intuitive guide and conscious channel, and author of the book The Era of the True Creator. Four years ago, during her personal channeling practice, Allison began asking questions about her own sexual experiences. Because of her questions she was gifted fascinating information about our sexual energy bodies and powerful access points in the body for energy activation. Since that time, she has been teaching sacred sexuality and assisting many others in activating their own sacred energy.

Her certifications include: Reiki Master Teacher, creator of the Channel of Light verbal channeling certification program, certified Erotic Blueprints coach, Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner (EFT tapping).

[Allison's] sexual awakening course has brought so much healing to my life and really opened my eyes and heart to who I am, and how I can heal from trauma and be playful with my sexuality! I cannot say enough about Allison, she has such a beautiful and incredibly healing presence and soul. Thank you for all that you do Allison!"

Dayna Deleon Perez

Don’t hope that things will change. Take action, and decide on your sexual awakening!

What is the cost of not taking action?


Think of someone you admire. 

Now imagine – what if they had chosen not to follow their purpose? What if instead they decided to play it small, to avoid their own growth?

This is a time for awakening. Your sexual awakening is a part of this.

You know there is more to life, are you ready to claim it?

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