Mindgasms Are Real: The Pineal Gland as a Clitoris

Working as a Sex Artisan


What feelings do those words bring up in you? 

A few days ago during a dinner party with my fellow sexuality teachers and coaches, the conversation came up around “sex work”.
How many times have I heard that these words have a particularly negative connotation? And how many people have I also heard tell me that this is a disempowering practice, with the assumption that one is not happy while doing this work? A million.
Luckily this was not that kind of group. In fact, our conversation stretched the boundaries around what this term can include (what exactly is sex work?) and what is possible in this occupation. My friend Coryelle even coined a new term for it: Sex Artisan, which feels more elevated and authentic while still being descriptive of what we all find ourselves involved with in our own unique ways.

For many people the title Sex Worker brings up feeling of disempowerment, disenfranchisement, or a picture of one who is at least begrudgingly – if not forcibly – trading sex for money. For many people, “sex worker” is a sad statement.

It brings up a lot of questions that I’d like you to consider:

What is sex? Is it penis in vagina? Or does it encompass more than that? Does orgasm need to happen for something to be considered sex? Do genitals need to be involved? Does touching need to happen? What about sexual energy exchanged?

Is it ok for someone to enjoy sex, whatever our definition of that is? But I mean, actually, really enjoy it? And if we enjoy it… can we tell other people that we enjoy it?

Is it ok for someone to enjoy making money? Is it ok to feel empowered and sexy while making money, or do we need to keep it a secret, because it’s not humble or spiritual? Is it alright for money to feel sexy?

When I consider these questions and come up with answers for myself, I recognize that yes, I am a sex worker. And this is true in multiple ways. 

Not only do I coach others in the realms of their sexuality through online sessions and workshops (no touching, discourse-based), but I am also a stripper in a nightclub, and have been on and off for many years (how many years I won’t say here, because this bring into the picture yet another quiet judgement around sexuality and age…). And I also teach pole dancing classes, which is a sensual and artistic form of dance. 

Nearly every arena in my life is connected to teaching about and exploring sexuality and it’s spiritual connection.

And for the most part I deeply enjoy my work. In fact I prefer to call it play, because that’s what it is to me. Becoming a stripper again after many years absence from it was an inspired move – during meditation one day, I was asking my higher self how I could shift my finances, and have enough time to teach and write my next book. Working as a stripper was the answer that came through, and it felt joyful and warm. To be honest, I still feel that need to remind myself of this inspiration often, as the predominant ideology surrounding stripping is the opposite of spiritual and joyful. 

In my own small way I aim to change this collective perception around stripping. When I go into the club to dance, I meditate beforehand. I do energy work with those I am dancing for, as I believe energy work is often simply a transmission of love energy, and when I am enjoying what I do I am in a state of eminent love. I try and be as conscious as possible, as is the truth for everything I do in my life.

I recently told a friend that I am blessed because everything I do for work right now I absolutely love, and if I don’t love something I just don’t do it, knowing that I am not a prisoner to my work in any capacity. This a new development for me, and I’m so grateful. 

I have difficult days too, and days where it’s hard to motivate myself to work, or days where I feel conflicted or confused – but I am human. I also realize that I can modify anything that I do to bring even more joy – so if something feels off, I allow myself to explore that feeling with openness, and then it will lead me to operating in a way that feels more joyful and aligned.

Teaching and existing in the sexual realms has been a gift of grounding and completeness. As a starseed, connecting to my body in a conscious way has made my love for life so BIG, and so much more comfortable. I suffered in being alive before I accepted this part of myself. I now deeply love my body and this temporal reality, and want to play endlessly!

So what does the term “sex worker” mean to you?

To me, it is one who works in the vast realms of sexuality, and I do this very work with love and joy.

Special thanks to my new friend Coryelle Kramer who coined the term “Sex Artisan” which I will now be taking on as my title! Gratitude to Anne More for hosting the dinner party that started the conversation and the Sexual Blueprints mentorship, and Jenny Gallucci for being an inspiring comrade in the world of sexological education <3

Be Flexible: Add Yoga and Meditation to Your Life

The following is a guest post from the wonderful Harry Cline of NewCaregiver.org

Seniors and their caregivers can neglect their fitness. This is understandable, as discomfort and physical limitations often accompany old age, and caregiving can put a great deal of stress on the family. It’s not just physical health that benefits from exercise, but also low-impact workouts can help elevate mood. Optimism is crucial for both seniors and their caregivers. Two of the best ways to improve anyone’s physical and mental well-being is by incorporating yoga and meditation into a weekly routine.

The Benefits of Yoga

When some people think of yoga, they may conjure images of a yogi standing on her head in front of a class of flummoxed people on yoga mats. Unlike a lot of other exercises, however, you do not need to master form to reap its benefits. Yoga provides a relaxing and calm way to stretch muscles and build strength, flexibility, and balance. Each of these benefits can help seniors improve their physical health. And while it provides numerous physical benefits, it’s not entirely accurate to label yoga as exercise. Instead, yoga is a practice. It infuses one’s life with positivity and balance. In fact, stretching alone can help put your mind at ease, relax your body, and help you manage daily stresses and anxieties. Here’s the best part: You can do many of these simple stretches at your desk or while you’re watching television.

Those who practice yoga are much more likely to opt for other healthy life choices, such as diet, relaxation, organization, and other exercises. This is because yoga provides life balance and inner awareness. In many ways, yoga is precisely the kind of lifestyle reboot that seniors and their caregivers need. Often, seniors regress into a sedentary lifestyle. Yoga can be strenuous, but most poses can be adapted for older bodies. Those with limited mobility, for example, can still benefit from chair yoga or poses that can be done while laying down. Some beginner poses that can be modified for a variety of abilities include:

  • Warrior II. This pose is all about balance and centeredness. You strive to hold your body steady as you spread your legs slightly, and twist to one side, almost as if you were riding an invisible surfboard.
  • Tree Pose. This classic beginners yoga pose involves standing straight and still as you bend one knee and place your foot on your unbent leg. Modify this move by holding a nearby wall or omitting the leg bend.
  • Plank. This move develops core strength. Start off in a push-up position and hold still for as long as you can. Take a rest, then repeat.
  • Camel Pose. Great for backs that can get slumped from poor posture or lots of sitting, camel pose involves kneeling on a yoga mat and arching your back as you reach behind yourself and try to touch your feet.

Mindfulness Benefits On and Off the Yoga Mat

Yoga also brings inner peace through mindfulness, but you can experience this benefit through quiet meditation, too. Although life may slow down a little for seniors and their caregivers, there are still stresses that plague everyone’s lives. Mindfulness can help seniors understand their place in the world and provide calmness. This calmness can be especially important for seniors who have lost spouses or loved ones to old age. And for caregivers, meditation can help them see the big picture and avoid self-neglect. Meditation has been shown to increase physical well-being, too. You don’t even have to leave your home to practice. Find a calm and quiet space in your home and turn it into a meditation room.

The mental and physical benefits of yoga and meditation also help those in recovery. For many people in recovery, having a good relationship with the physical self is just as important as the spiritual one. As substance abuse is increasing in seniors and their caregivers, yoga and meditation may be one way to stop to refocus on self-discovery and wellness.

Yoga and meditation provide many benefits to those in their later years and can help support their caregivers as well. Both are easy and fun to incorporate in anyone’s life and can provide years of sustained health.

Harry Cline



The New Caregiver’s Comprehensive Resource: Advice, Tips, and Solutions from Around the Web

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What is loneliness, and what can we do about it? Channeled Notes

I had the opportunity to channel for my incredible friend a few months ago, and during the session she asked about being single and desiring a partner. This led her to asking about her feelings of loneliness and what to do with them. The transcripts below are what came through.


C: What self love aspects work do I need to do? What can I personally work on to aid in finding the right match?

Allison Holley Channeling: “Self love is not the issue. You’re making space for another person. You’ve been on a journey of exploration, enjoying your own personal space. You weren’t ready to have another in your life as a constant companion, though you felt that you were, you quite enjoyed being on your own. This is important for you to realize because there may be many times throughout your existence in which you desire to have your own experience. When you find yourself in these places, moments in time, you now know how to navigate that.”

C: So … When I’m feeling lonely … because I’m alone … Any advice for how to get through that?

Allison Holley Channeling: “Just as everything is, that is an Earthly experience you wish to have, an emotion that brings you growth. So in that sense, there is nothing to do about it but feel it. But we understand that your desire is to feel more pleasurable emotional states. Loneliness is an energy state of longing to not exist within the moment; in a way, not being entertained by yourself. When you feel lonely, get up and do something about it. Go be with people, self-pleasure, create the circumstances that you are seeking. Your problem is you believe loneliness is a state that you need to get out of, when loneliness is simply a state of being where no change needs to occur other than the observance of this state. You are stepping more now into being the observer at this time, which is new territory for you.”


With Love,


The Mythology of Erogenous Zones

I once had a lover tell me that my whole body was an erogenous zone. It was one of the best compliments I’ve ever received! And subsequently it got me to thinking…

We’ve all heard of erogenous zones – those special areas on the body said to create pleasure and automatically turn your partner on – as if we are computers with little buttons that can be pushed to create a specific response.

But sexual intimacy is far more than a series of steps to orgasm.

The reality is that our entire body can be activated into a state of bliss, and this ecstatic feeling can begin and be generated from many points on the body which are individual to every single one of us.

This is important to know because believing in the common mythology of a specific set of erogenous zones can limit us in a couple important ways:

Tunnel vision – If we feel that there are certain areas on the body that will arouse our partner when we touch them there, we will limit ourselves to pleasuring those areas, instead of being present with our partners in the moment. Its true, your wife may always enjoy her breasts rubbed, but then again she may have days where that isn’t of interest. Sticking to just the known can put lovemaking into a repetitive rut.

Poor Self-Image – We may also feel that, if our bodies don’t respond to the known erogenous zones, there is something wrong with us or the way we get turned on. We may expect that our genitals be more sensitive than they are, while what really gets us in a state of bliss is having our feet rubbed. When we are expecting our bodies to respond in a certain way, we are not being present with ourselves, and may entirely miss what can really bring us to our pleasure.

Conscious Sexuality revolves around being present: present with our bodies, and present with our partners. Deep presence connects us to far more than just the physical enjoyment of our sexual experience, it is a gateway into the energetic realms which are beyond time and space, allowing us to experience trance-like states of pleasure and opening up our ecstatic bodies. If we can pull ourselves away from the idea that only certain parts of our body can bring us pleasure, we are on our way to this level of presence, and beginning our sacred sexuality journey.

Let’s stop centralizing our pleasure – an awakened body is ecstatic.

What is Sacred Sexuality?

I get this question quite often, so I thought I’d answer here with my understanding of it.

In my coaching, I tend to use the term Conscious Sexuality. This is because the word “sacred” seems to me to separate sexuality in terms of the acts that occur – meaning that people think of sacred sexuality being a specific way of love-making: sculptured positions from the kama sutra, or breathing practices and chanting. While these practices can definitely be included in elevated sexuality, they are not necessary.

Its also important for me to share that one way of connecting sexually is NOT more spiritual than another. Whips and handcuffs can become an elevated spiritual practice as much as the missionary position, and sex between strangers as spiritually uplifting as sex between two married people.

What makes sexuality “sacred” is the consciousness of those participating. When we have the intention of presence, honesty, love, and growth within our motivations, the act of sex is sacred.

Within this consciousness we are able to activate our bodies into elevated states of bliss, and our spiritual consciousness grows and expands as well. Within the act of sex and bringing our bodies pleasure, altered states of consciousness can be accessed, much like what happens during the use of plant medicines or deep meditation.

And, worth noting, that the act of sex is so powerful that it can often make a sacred moment out of something quite benign, spontaneously activating one or both (or all) those involved into an other-worldly awareness.

I personally believe that sex in and of itself is a spiritual practice, in that bringing our bodies pleasure is a great act of self-love, and self-love is spiritual. We are on earth to have the experience of a physical body – and we ought to learn the many ways of caring for it. Allowing the body to be a portal to delicious and ecstatic higher consciousness states is a beautiful way to learn and develop ourselves as spiritual beings.

Connecting with my Family – Starseed from Andromeda

The following was originally posted on April 15, 2016, on my previous website: www.WindandAllison.com


Below are the transcribed notes from a channeling conversation I had with my soul family from Andromeda. Here I was shown much about why I incarnated on earth, where Wind is “from” (although he has also lived on earth for thousands of lifetimes), and our connection as twin flames, or what here is called “split soul awareness”. Thus far this is the most in depth information I have gotten about my starseed origins, and the beautiful and loving beings from Andromeda whom I often channel!

ALLISON: Andromeda, will you tell me more about Andromeda, about your people, about who I am channeling?

Our race/species is very loving. We are of the seventh plane (what we know as dimensions) and our calling is to assist you in this earthly realm. We are very grateful for it, and we love doing it. We will assist you always, because it fills us with joy beyond comprehension to assist in an earthly ascension. This is because our planet has also undergone an earthly ascension process. During this phase of our evolution, we had interplanetary help as well. We learned much from these benevolent beings, and we chose to assist earth during this time because it is our benevolent nature to assist you.

You see us correctly. (What I’m seeing is a sort of round head, large eyes, blue bodies, no hair; big eyes, like green with a long pupil like a cat. Their arms are long and their fingers are like frog fingers- round on the end. I wonder if they are just showing me what I can understand though.)

You are one of us, Allison. You have traveled across eons to assist the people of earth at this time. We know you love it, and that there is much joy in the process for you. What you don’t know is how you came to be associated with these people in the first place.

Your calling was actually to assist during Mayan times, in building the ancient Mayan calendar. (That’s cool!! That is really cool.) When you had finished with the process, you were anxious to continue in your service to mankind, therefore we devised a plan for you to enter into the human consciousness field and enjoy one of their earthly times: this time. You are here on a sacred mission, to assist with the ascension of the planet. This has been programmed into your DNA from the very beginning. You have known it always, there is nothing now keeping you from fulfilling your destiny in this manner; you are all set.😊

It is important for you to realize how much we are assisting you in your calling. This will keep you grounded and humble, and knowing that you are never alone. We do much work behind the scenes on your behalf. We are always creating a way for you to fulfill all that you have before you. Allow us to work through you by opening yourself up further to these higher energies and continually grounding yourself into the energies of this planet; this will aid us in bringing in new interplanetary awareness and understanding at this time. We are very proud of you for the work you do.

WIND: So if that’s where you’re from, am I from the same place?

Sirius – you’re from Sirius. Sirius is your home planet. We connected you two on the planet at this time with split-soul awareness to assist each of you in your personal callings. This does not mean that you have not known each other before, but rather this means that your energies have become intertwined from a knowing that for predates this galaxy/star system. This higher awareness of each other brings a higher awareness within your callings. In this day and age, it is important to have two doing the work that one used to do. This is to aid in your powerfulness, to bring a more all encompassing beauty into this world from the polarities of both masculine and feminine. (I’m literally getting these words: It is a cool gig that you have chosen, and exciting times are ahead for us all!)

Wind, your chosen calling is to thread time; to weave through the expanses of time and to bring them together. (Kind of like quantum physics, like when you’ve got linear time, like when you pull a thread and it brings fabric together? Am I getting that right?) Yes mostly. Your ability to see beyond time is what makes this a fitting choice for you. You are a time weaver, a time threader. You are bringing the expanses of time together in one moment, on finite moment. The common thread IS love.

WIND: Is there a way that I should be trying to accomplish that, that I don’t understand? It seems like a very ambiguous and overwhelming task.

(It’s funny because where I sit right now, it’s just you, it’s just who you are. It doesn’t seem ambiguous at all.) You are here to help others see beyond time; to collapse the funhouse of mirrors and to see clearly in all directions. When you are fully activated in this calling, you are able to see time in all directions. This will become more clear to you as you move forward in your calling.

ALLISON: Have I been on this earth before? Have Wind and I been here together before?

It was your choice to never have been here before; only in spirit form have you seen these planes. You chose to activate at this time as a new soul on this planet because the calling was great and needed you to be unaware of what was in store for you. (Hmmm, so I’ve never been here before! That feels more accurate than anything.)

ALLISON: What about my past life regression experiences?

(…It’s my highly empathic ability. Wow.) Your highly empathic perspective allows you to jump into the perspective of another human body, in the past, present, or future. (This is really cool information! It reminds me of the tv show, Quantum Leap!) Because of this empathic nature that you have, you need to be highly aware of yourself at all times, and grounded in the present moment, for you have a great capacity to lose yourself in the awareness of others. Your highest calling, Allison, is to be aware of your higher consciousness, and to be a bridge between heaven and earth. (My body is a literal bridge – and it’s a rainbow! The chakras are a rainbow – heaven and earth!)

My Tobacco Plant Medicine Diet (Video from Jan 2016)

The following was originally posted in January of 2016 on my previous website, www.windandallison.com.

CLICK HERE for my new youtube channel.

Recently I partook in a tobacco plant medicine diet at a healing lodge in Peru. Here I talk about this truly life changing process and some of the things I experienced, both during and free the diet.

Many people have heard of Ayahuasca at this point, but the sacred medicinal plant diets of the Amazon are still largely unheard of. I did a 7 drink tobacco dieta, and it was an incredibly transformative experience for me. Each day was filled with unique insight and clarity; assisting me in dissolving long held emotional patterns and removing deeply held fears in the form of smokey-black pain bodies. I was also shown, with great clarity, my purpose during this lifetime. And I cry over “shit”! (You’ll see what I mean in the video.)

Much of my insight came after the diet was finished and I resumed “normal” life again, moving out of the jungle and into the busy city of Iquitos. I felt odd at first, almost brutish; I felt so grounded (which was so unlike anything I have previously known) that I felt nearly Neanderthal! As I settled in, however, I was able to integrate my newfound groundedness with my upper chakras, and felt very dynamic and capable. I felt a strength within that I have not known since I was a child! I began handling the finances in our (Wind’s and my) relationship, which had always previously overwhelmed me. This and many other practical “life” things now felt like no big deal, and I wondered why I hadn’t done them before – a true testament to how much tobacco had changed me, or rather helped me become more of myself.

Now, a month after the completion of this diet and having lived in the city for a month, I am still integrating all that this diet brought me. I am so grateful to have had this experience. I am sharing this video for any who might be looking for a process like this, and to spread the word about plant diets!🌿

If you are interested in this or other plant medicine diets, the lodge I recommend is Amaru Spirit: www.amaruspirit.com

How To Deal With Anger: A Life-Changing Practice

Anger is often a secondary emotion, used to help keep us “safe” from feeling out of control. Often underneath feelings of anger is fear, sadness, jealousy, and other emotions that seem unpleasant to our ego.

The most powerful way that I have found to dissolve anger is to instantly become vulnerable, and speak those feelings that our anger is trying to protect us from. How do we know if we’re getting really vulnerable? True, deep vulnerablity leaves us feeling a surge of self-love. When we express those feelings that our ego is trying to mask with anger, our heart becomes vulnerable and opens, and we feel very strong and safe in that moment. In a moment of true vulnerability, it doesn’t matter what anyone says to us as a result, because we are empowered with self-love.

Mudras to Assist with Ascension Energies

During yesterday’s online meditation I was shown a new mudra we can use to assist in running the energy of this particular wave of ascension energy.

Many of us seem to be exploring the space between worlds or realms. This is the dreamscape, also known as the astral realms or the fourth dimension. We are learning a lot about time, and the space of no-time, as well as the insanity of the mental realms.

Mudras can help us move through energy shifts because, when we use our hands, we are consciously running our heart energy. Being anchored in the Heart space will guide us through the astral realms, and help us receive the higher truth lessons through these shifts.


The Spiritual Significance of Sexual Attraction

Why are we attracted to certain people, and not others?

For our soul purpose, our sexual attractions play an important role in magnetizing us directly to those people we are meant to connect with, in order to learn a lesson that we desire to learn.

This lesson isn’t always a fun one. While we may have wishes or expectations of how this attraction will play out (a long-lasting loving relationship? Fulfilled desire?) often our lessons come in the form of pain or sorrow. But don’t discount the fun and pleasurable experiences we have – at times too, our lessons show up as ecstatic joy! This is a very valuable thing to learn in life, and can indeed be brought to us through attraction to another person.

To be conscious within what we are experiencing, while also allowing the multidimensional knowing of the human experience, we can ask the question: “What are you bringing into my life? What lesson is there within this connection?”

And then, of course, PLAY! Don’t deny yourself the human joys and trials of learning. Instead, play with your experience, and allow yourself to make new choices.

Love to you!



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