Coaching and Other Sessions

Need some help deciding which session or program is right for you?

Channeling Session

Gain clarity through higher frequency communication as I channel profound, clear guidance through from higher frequency realms.

During your session, I bring myself into a meditative trance and am able to see,  feel, and know information beyond this physical reality. You are able to ask the questions you desire clarity on, throughout the hour-long session.

Each session is recorded and the audio file will be sent to you after our session for you to keep and review.

"the Quantum Leap" Single Coaching Session

Are you ready to completely transform a specific area in your life?

Using combined techniques of Accelerated Evolution (TM), EFT, medical intuitive channeling, and proven nueroscientific techniques, together we will rewire your brain and body to make a big shift – permanently.

Sexual Awakening
3-month program

Work with me 1:1 to make big breakthroughs in your sex life, with a program customized for you. Subjects include sexual energy mastery, communication skills and conflict resolution, orgasmic energy work, and many others. Programs available for both couples and individuals.

"the Erotic Blueprints"™
3-month program

The Erotic Blueprints are like the “love languages” for your eroticism! 

Learn how these “erotic love languages” affect your relationship and how you connect with nearly every aspect of your life!

Learn specific tools and practices to change miscommunication and awkward or unmatching dynamics in your relationship, to create connection and feel deeply seen and understood.

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