Short bio (30 words): Allison Holley is the author of the book, The Era of the True Creator. She guides others to discover their life purpose, develop intuition, and know ecstatic states of being.

Mid-length bio (77 words): Allison Holley is the author of the book, The Era of the True Creator. She is a conscious channel, bringing forward the energies of divine love and unconditional joy for this beautiful time of awakening. She serves others through her guidance in discovering their life purpose, developing intuition, and knowing ecstatic states of being through various practices. Her life’s mission is to activate others into their highest expression of self: radiant, ecstatic creators. Learn more at

Long bio (345 words): Hello, my name is Allison Holley - I am an intuitive guide and conscious sexuality coach. My life purpose and greatest joy is to be of service through shining my light and being a grounded channel of unconditional love. I understand the game that is life, and so I know that you are also a master, going through the process of awakening to your higher-frequency truth. 

In 2012, I found myself overwhelmed by the intensity of a spiritual awakening. I began seeing energy, and beyond our current time-and-space paradigm. Many new awarenesses and gifts opened up to me, including moments of spontaneous channeling and visions. Although it was a somewhat scary time, deep within I began to feel stillness, and a confirmation of what I had always felt: that I am here for a purpose, and that there is so much more to life that the standard human experience that we perceive.

Soon after I connected with my husband, Wind, and we traveled the world together for the next three years. This gave us time to process the many changes we were both going through, shedding old ways of being and integrating the New. Along our journey we met many beautiful people from all walks of life who were also experiencing awakenings - what an incredible time to be alive! We began offering our intuitive services for others, by way of energy work, intuitive coaching, and channeled guidance. In 2016, we returned to living in the US.

I have come to see that we are all unique and beautiful souls sharing this physical-realm experience together. Each of us has gifts to offer in the building of a newly awakening world. My approach to service is one of deep recognition for who You are, and a desire to help you uncover your brightness.

I offer energy work, channeled guidance, workshops, and public speaking to assist you along your path.

I am also the author of the new book, The Era of The True Creatoravailable for purchase on Amazon and in select bookstores within the US.


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Book Description for The Era of the True Creator

We were born to be creators. The Era of the True Creator sheds light on the expanding spiritual consciousness that is occurring within a growing number of people in our present day. It is a guide to releasing old patterns of drama so that we can learn to exist clearly within the present moment, unifying our beliefs of duality and discovering our infinite nature. From here, our propulsion towards creation continues, but now it is true creation, stimulated through joy. This is a book of that will evoke an awakening of consciousness within the reader.



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Reiki Master Teacher, from the Usui Lineage

ThetaHealing, Basic DNA certified

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) as taught by Gary Craig.

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