It’s time to abundantly RECEIVE 

through the spiritual practice of PLEASURE

Welcome to Pleasure Alchemy, a three month VIP group coaching experience where you will become abundantly clear on how to receive the life of your dreams through sexual, sensual, and spiritual practice and play.

Here is an overview of what we will be diving into in our 12 weeks together:

First, we are going to dive into PLEASURE

  • You will learn what pleasure really is, and how to consistently activate it within your body as a way of creation
  • You will learn how to give time and space to pleasure, to amplify it in your life and open the doors to receiving
  • Learn your core Erotic Blueprint so that you can finally understand what turns you on the MOST, and learn ways to satisfy your blueprint
  • Learn how your Erotic Blueprint shows up in your daily life, and turn this understanding into your superpower for incredible pleasure and abundantly receiving

Next, we are going to reveal and resolve those pleasure BLOCKS

  • Let’s shine a light on those shadows –
    • the shadow side of pleasure and each Blueprint type
    • the fears and the angst around receiving
  • You will be guided through powerful neurological transformation processes, so that you can be done with those blocks for good!

Finally, we are going to learn how to MANIFEST & RECEIVE through sexual energy

  • Connect your Heart energy with your Genital energy so that you feel at ease in receiving fully
  • Learn specific rituals and energy movement practices for manifestation
  • Balance the inner yin and yang polarities for holistic and sustainable abundance, in all ways.

This program is about more than simple techniques and tricks… Pleasure Alchemy is designed to help you create a new and sustainable way of living that is in alignment and prosperous.

Any one of these things can move the needle immediately for your life, sexuality, and personal mastery. And my experience is that ONE of these is going to resonate with you and stand out as the thing that creates a BIG shift.

I’m ready to begin sharing this magic with you, and I’m inviting YOU to join Pleasure Alchemy. 

It's time to...

Celebrate your body and your human experience!

Finally connect your sexuality and spirituality!

Clear the shadows that hold you back from real pleasure!

Feel sexual alignment and… freedom!

Expand into new ways of playing that feel safe, happy, and bring you more joy!

Here’s how it will work… 

We will meet once per week for 12 weeks as an intimate group, online at an agreed upon time, to learn and explore the above core topics. Homework or HOMEPLAY assignments will be gifted to you at the end of each live meeting for you to play with throughout the week.

There will also be an online forum for discussion and sharing our wins and/or stuck points in between the live classes, and to get to know your other community members.

It’s time to finally prioritize your pleasure, because this is the abundant way of the New Earth. We begin the first week of November.

Are you ready to solve these problems?

  • Disconnection from your sexuality
  • Hypersensitivity and shutdown
  • Spending your life moving between two extremes: “being a spiritual person” or “being a sexual person”
  • Feeling guilt and shame for your sexual desires
  • Feeling dirty or shameful after orgasm
  • Not knowing how to communicate with your partner(s) to feel really seen and understood
  • Hiding your desires from yourself and others 
  • Giving up on sex – “I’ll just be spiritual then, and serve my purpose to humanity” — GUESS WHAT? Your pleasure lights you up, and therefore it IS your service to humanity!

These 12 weeks will forever shift your sexuality, bring you into alignment, and open you to your inherent ecstatic energy!

Your Guide Into Ecstasy:

Allison Holley is an intuitive guide and conscious channel, and author of the book The Era of the True Creator. Four years ago, during her personal channeling practice, Allison began asking questions about her own sexual experiences. Because of her questions she was gifted fascinating information about our sexual energy bodies and powerful access points in the body for energy activation. Since that time, she has been teaching sacred sexuality and assisting many others in activating their own sacred energy.

Her certifications include: Reiki Master Teacher, creator of the Channel of Light verbal channeling certification program, certified Erotic Blueprints coach, Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner (EFT tapping).

"[Allison's] sexual awakening course has brought so much healing to my life and really opened my eyes and heart to who I am, and how I can heal from trauma and be playful with my sexuality! I cannot say enough about Allison, she has such a beautiful and incredibly healing presence and soul. Thank you for all that you do Allison!"

Dayna Deleon Perez

"Ever since your Sexual Alchemy course I have looked more into Sex Magic/Manifesting and really try to better utilize the energy. Your course truly helped me to play more and be more present in my life."

Alex A.

"I highly recommend this course if you want to go beyond what you *think* is sex, or if you're stuck trying to create a life that is just not showing up. When I took it, it helped me heal trauma in my mind and body, but with fun and ease."

Barbara Caraballo

Are you ready to CREATE and RECEIVE through PLEASURE?

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