My Tobacco Plant Medicine Diet (Video from Jan 2016)

My Tobacco Plant Medicine Diet (Video from Jan 2016)

The following was originally posted in January of 2016 on my previous website,

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Recently I partook in a tobacco plant medicine diet at a healing lodge in Peru. Here I talk about this truly life changing process and some of the things I experienced, both during and free the diet.

Many people have heard of Ayahuasca at this point, but the sacred medicinal plant diets of the Amazon are still largely unheard of. I did a 7 drink tobacco dieta, and it was an incredibly transformative experience for me. Each day was filled with unique insight and clarity; assisting me in dissolving long held emotional patterns and removing deeply held fears in the form of smokey-black pain bodies. I was also shown, with great clarity, my purpose during this lifetime. And I cry over “shit”! (You’ll see what I mean in the video.)

Much of my insight came after the diet was finished and I resumed “normal” life again, moving out of the jungle and into the busy city of Iquitos. I felt odd at first, almost brutish; I felt so grounded (which was so unlike anything I have previously known) that I felt nearly Neanderthal! As I settled in, however, I was able to integrate my newfound groundedness with my upper chakras, and felt very dynamic and capable. I felt a strength within that I have not known since I was a child! I began handling the finances in our (Wind’s and my) relationship, which had always previously overwhelmed me. This and many other practical “life” things now felt like no big deal, and I wondered why I hadn’t done them before – a true testament to how much tobacco had changed me, or rather helped me become more of myself.

Now, a month after the completion of this diet and having lived in the city for a month, I am still integrating all that this diet brought me. I am so grateful to have had this experience. I am sharing this video for any who might be looking for a process like this, and to spread the word about plant diets!🌿

If you are interested in this or other plant medicine diets, the lodge I recommend is Amaru Spirit:

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