Channeling Circles

Channeled insights and guidance from the higher realms, for you in your life.

Channeling Circles are unique events, where participants can gather together and experience the energy shift and insights from channeling as a community.

Each person in attendance is able to ask one question you desire clarity on, and receive personal guidance. 

As an added benefit, circle participants get to be present for and learn from the profound information that comes through for others in the circle as well!

Each channeling circle is recorded and the audio file will be sent to you afterwards for you to keep and review.

Circles are limited to 10 participants. $25/ person.

Next Channeling Circle is Wednesday, August 8, 2021 at 10am Pacific time

Frequently Asked Questions:

“What sort of question can I ask during the circle?” Anything and everything! Participants bring questions about everything from their personal love-lives, to global awakening, and everything in between. The information that comes through will always honor your choice and mastery as a creator.

“Who do you communicate with when you channel?” My guides have¬† shown me that I am an “open channel”. This means that I ¬†bring myself into a high-frequency space, and connect with the energies and beings who would like to communicate. I frequently connect with the Andromedan Council and the Council of Nine, as well as the higher self of the person I am channeling for. I very rarely do mediumship work (see next question.)

“Can you communicate with my loved ones who have passed on?” I do not consider myself a medium, or someone who communicates with people who have lived human lives and have passed over – though I do sometimes! When I channel I tend to connect to frequency realms beyond the fourth dimensional realities.

What others are saying about working with me:

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