Mindgasms Are Real: The Pineal Gland as a Clitoris

Mindgasms Are Real: The Pineal Gland as a Clitoris

Most people tend to think of an orgasm as a centralized experience, a physical sensation that happens in the genital area of our bodies. Indeed it can be such a powerful physical sensation that it can distract us from recognizing the energetic movement that occurs during these muscle contractions.

To experience other types of orgasm that can be felt in many areas of our bodies, we need to open our perception beyond the knowledge of pure physicality and tangibility into the realms of sensing energy, and we need to know how to activate and run this energy. By learning to run our energy throughout our body and auric field, all of our energy centers open up and amazing things can happen. The pleasure that is produced and centered in one area – as in a joyful thought in our mind, or a sexual orgasm in our genitals – can be distributed and multiplied throughout our entire system. This has the effect of a joy-filled, ecstatic aura and a happy, healthy body.

Before recently diving into sexuality coaching and sensual touch therapies, I practiced Reiki energy work for two years. A Reiki session involves channeling universal energy through my crown chakra and down through my hands, then directing this energy into another person’s energy field, as well as “reading” or perceiving the subtle energies of their field to know where to direct this energy. During a Reiki session I can “see” visual representations in my mind of what is happening inside someone’s body and energy field.

During one particular session on a man attending a plant medicine retreat, I held my hands near his head and read the energy there. In my mind’s eye I saw a picture of his auric field: just to the front of his third eye was an opening that looked like the entrance to a vagina. I was shown that I needed to ask to enter his auric field through this opening, and then connect with what was occurring in his pineal gland area.

I then perceived that his pineal gland was large and very active; it was actually throbbing with activity, and I could see it pulse as if it were an engorged clitoris! Talking with him after the session, he shared that he was incredibly sensitive and activated in his third eye, and often had waking visions as well as visionary dreams.

“My processing this afterwards lead me to the thought: what if we can stimulate the pineal gland to produce an orgasm in our minds?! How would one do such a thing?”


My processing this afterwards lead me to the thought: what if we can stimulate the pineal gland to produce an orgasm in our minds?! How would one do such a thing? My initial ideas involved using sounds to stimulate the pineal gland through vibration, having heard a bit about the sound vibrations the yogis tune into through mantra for the purpose of activating these centers. I attempted humming and vocalizing towards this aim, but I admit I was impatient, and the stimulation it produced was too subtle for me to feel any results. (I am currently revisiting this technique – I will share what I find.)

But what did end up producing a mental orgasm was spinal breathing during sex with my husband. Once, as we were making love and I felt myself getting close to climaxing, I began spinal breathing, a process of bringing my energy up through my spinal column, from my tailbone and up to the base of my skull, then into the center of my mind and through the top of my head. I felt a clean white stream of light running all the way up my spine that entered my brain, and as I orgasmed, the pulse of the orgasm filled my skull, the gentle throb of energy rolling through my mind. It was a wonderful feeling, subtler that I would have expected but still very pleasurable.

Spinal breathing has been an integral part of my energy practice since I learned it several years ago. To incorporate it into your personal practice, watch the video below where I describe the process. (Please note, this video was posted a year ago on my old YouTube channel – my new YouTube channel can be found HERE.)

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May you be filled with ecstatic pleasure.



6 thoughts on “Mindgasms Are Real: The Pineal Gland as a Clitoris”

  1. I’ve accomplished this and would be happy to share some thought on how to achieve this state. It takes practice and an absolutely clear mind. Disconnection from thoughts and a pure focus towards embedding in divine light. I’m attempting to make it last longer then I have so far. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    1. Amazing Melissa, I would love to hear what has worked for you in your personal practice! I need to write an updated post, as I now use this practice with each of my sexual experiences and have discovered much more. The possibilities of this sexual energy are so endless <3

  2. Very helpful , transmutation of my sexual energy is what I’m working on . I have always had way too much and thought of it as a burden , now I’m learning that it’s ok and actually nice to have so much energy , all energy is the same . Well it’s a slow process for me , yoga , meditation, semen retention and lots of breathing. Thank you and please forward any advice you can .

    1. Ah, yes John this is beautiful. I know having a lot of sexual or life force energy can feel overwhelming, but it is in the process of channeling this energy that we discover the incredible amounts of energy that we can contain! I have many practices for channeling sexual energy in my personal coaching programs and in Sexual Awakening Course, which I will be opening soon. Sign up on my email list to stay updated on that!

  3. Thanks Allison,
    Very informative. Just intuitively, I’ve already been sort of doing the spinal breathing, but you’ve put it into a very tangible and visual package that helps one to know they’re on the right track. Looking forward to more of your posts!



    1. I love how our own inner knowing shows us the processes we need! I’m glad this helped clarify and confirm 🙂

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