Coaching Sessions

Each coaching session is unique, as we dive into what you are facing in life and discover how to move through it. During our sessions together, I will use a combination of the following tools:

  • Intuitively guided discussion: Speaking your story can have a releasing effect. Here I can guide you toward greater understanding of the deeper concerns, to find the root cause of what you are moving through.

  • Energy work / Reiki: Energy work is a way of moving the flow of life through your body. This can be a powerful, even palpable experience, renewing the body, mind, and spirit through multidimensional "cleansing" and alignment.

  • Medical/Biological Intuition: This is a form of intuitive work which includes a body scan, looking into your system on multiple levels to better understand your strengths, as well as see areas that have blockages to release. Our bodies can give us in-depth information about our life purpose, guiding us to where we can grow and develop more.

  • Channeled Guidance: "Channeling" involves a deep form of meditation that brings me into a state of trance, where I receive direct information in the form of images, words, and feeling or "knowing". Most channeling will be done outside of sessions, and the information transcribed and emailed to you. In some circumstances, channeling will be done over Skype.

All coaching sessions are one hour long and are held over Zoom video chat.

Read the descriptions below to discover the right session type for you.


Life Purpose Coaching

Would you like greater clarity on your life purpose and how to live it?  Do you know you are here to shine, to be big, but don't quite know what that means or how to do it?

Through our time together, we will connect to your divine blueprint energy, and remove the fear of shining your light in the way that you were meant to! Together we will co-create a plan that will help you live your fullest potential.


Package of three sessions:  $333


Sacred Sexuality Coaching

These bodies that we inhabit are sexual bodies, built to be the conduits of immense pleasure. Through cultivating high levels of self-love and awareness, while channeling our sexual energy throughout our system can open us up to incredible bliss, self-love, and transcendent states of consciousness.

Are you looking to learn more about who you are as an erotic being? Do you crave sexual expression, but don't know how to do it and still live a complete, awakened spiritual life? These sessions will help you break free from self-imposed limitations into becoming the ecstatic being you were born to be.


Package of three sessions: $333


Couple's Coaching

Are you and your partner ready to go deeper, and discover how to more fully connect in your relationship? Maybe you've been fighting a lot lately; perhaps you normally have a fantastic relationship but have reached a roadblock that you don't know how to get through.

Using my intuitive guidance, sacred sexuality training, and mediation skills, I will guide you through the conflicted areas and into a place of personal empowerment and clear connection with each other.


Package of three sessions: $366


Other Sessions

Channeled Message

Sometimes along our path, we need guidance, direction, or comfort, to help us move forward. As a channel I am able to connect to many beings who act as guides for us on this physical plane, to bring a message through for you and help you connect to your truth.

Our session will be held over Zoom video conferencing (I will email you the link to join the call). During the session, I will go into a meditative trance and channel a message for you, allowing you to ask questions throughout. The audio recording of the session will then be emailed to you.

Single Session: $111

Package of five sessions (can be done bi-weekly or monthly): $444


Reiki Energy Work Session

Each of us have a blueprint embedded within. When we feel busy, stressed, or mentally driven, we can feel out of alignment and lose focus on our gifts and purpose. Sometimes, we just need assistance in the form of energy work from another who can help us to return to our true nature, so that we can continue to follow our bliss!

Online: Reiki Sessions include a 45-60 minute energy session and reading, followed by a discussion over Zoom video conferencing.

In-person: Reiki Session can be done at your home for an additional traveling fee. Please contact me to schedule.

Single Session: $111 

Package of five Sessions: $444