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Awakening the Divine Heart Retreat with the Heart Center


Event Description:

We are moving into a time when the art of heart-centered living will be the vehicle that carries humanity into a new way of being.

As we evolve as a human family, we are learning to live more from the heart and intuition and less from the body/mind and ego-based survival mechanisms. In our everyday lives, we are moving from fear-based reactions to love-based responses.

The Heart Center is a bridge between humanity and consciousness. It is the gateway between our current state of being and a more peaceful, intuitive, joyful, and harmonious state of being. Heart-centered living is rooted in the wisdom of the heart, the logic of truth, and the purity of consciousness.

This event offers clarity, guidance, and community to help you shift into this new way of being. The Heart Center guides will show you how you can move into heart-centered living. Each one of our guides has personal and professional experience with many aspects of the spiritual journey, including Earthkeeping, sacred sexuality and joy, conscious relationships, multidimensional communication and intuition, human origins and cosmic connections, and creating with heart-centered energy. Our guides also are yoga instructors, reiki masters, Earthkeepers, intuitive guides, and most of all, they are human beings here to be in service to the overall upliftment of humanity. We will be offering a full weekend of deep insights from all the guides on how to live from your heart.

You will experience and be led through a despacho by Lauren, an Earthkeeper guide. Enjoy nightly meditations and morning meditations, enjoy the wonderful landscape with trees and amazing hiking trails, and dive deep into a series of discussions about different aspects of our humanity and spiritual journey. Each of the discussions will be led by one of the guides and we encourage you to ask questions and interact and offer your viewpoints! This is a community of like-minded souls and together we can truly begin to live from our hearts and move into a new, vibrant, heart-centered reality.

Over the 3-day weekend you will learn about:

  • Multidimensional Communication
  • Conscious Relationships
  • Sacred Sexuality (Taught by me!)
  • Earthkeeping
  • Bridging Humanity And Consciousness
  • Human Origins And Cosmic Connections

Himalayan Institute Retreat Center, Honesdale, PA 

Tuition: $720.00

* We are offering an early bird discount for this event. Please contact Chris for information regarding early registration pricing. *