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Channeling Circle in Crestone, CO (Private Residence)

Join us for a channeling circle at a private residence in Crestone, CO, as Allison Holley brings through insights and guidance from higher frequency realms! Participants are welcome to ask questions during channeling, and from those questions we all learn.

Cost is $20/person.

The channeling circle will be followed by a big dinner and dessert! Yum :)


Here are some Frequently asked questions and answers:

What is channeling?

For me, channeling is a process of opening myself to higher frequencies and "channeling" this energy through my crown chakra. The energy is given to me as information, which I then speak out loud.

Who do you channel?

I allow myself to be what I call and "open channel", which means that I bring myself to a higher frequency and allow all that is helpful to come through and offer guidance. Mostly I channel our higher self-frequencies, which comes through as a collective or "we" voice; though at other times I have connected to specific beings or groups of beings such as my family of Andromeda, the Council of 12, or the greys and other ET groups.