Empowered Empath


Welcome to the Empowered Empath Course

Hello, fellow Empath. Has being able to feel the emotions of others left you lost in how to live your day-to-day life? Were you born “overly sensitive,” or are you perhaps tapping into your empathic powers as part of your own awakening process, and feeling overwhelmed?

I used to feel the same way, and being an empath had me weighed down and lost. That was before I discovered the power and purpose of being an empath!

I am excited to show you a new way!

In this hour long course I will give you the understanding you need to see your Empath Powers as the gift that they are. Get ready to learn the techniques you need to run your energy more smoothly, and learn how to FEEL in a whole new way, with your empathic abilities being a blessing, and not a curse!

Tuition is $22

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