Connecting with my Family – Starseed from Andromeda

Connecting with my Family – Starseed from Andromeda

The following was originally posted on April 15, 2016, on my previous website:


Below are the transcribed notes from a channeling conversation I had with my soul family from Andromeda. Here I was shown much about why I incarnated on earth, where Wind is “from” (although he has also lived on earth for thousands of lifetimes), and our connection as twin flames, or what here is called “split soul awareness”. Thus far this is the most in depth information I have gotten about my starseed origins, and the beautiful and loving beings from Andromeda whom I often channel!

ALLISON: Andromeda, will you tell me more about Andromeda, about your people, about who I am channeling?

Our race/species is very loving. We are of the seventh plane (what we know as dimensions) and our calling is to assist you in this earthly realm. We are very grateful for it, and we love doing it. We will assist you always, because it fills us with joy beyond comprehension to assist in an earthly ascension. This is because our planet has also undergone an earthly ascension process. During this phase of our evolution, we had interplanetary help as well. We learned much from these benevolent beings, and we chose to assist earth during this time because it is our benevolent nature to assist you.

You see us correctly. (What I’m seeing is a sort of round head, large eyes, blue bodies, no hair; big eyes, like green with a long pupil like a cat. Their arms are long and their fingers are like frog fingers- round on the end. I wonder if they are just showing me what I can understand though.)

You are one of us, Allison. You have traveled across eons to assist the people of earth at this time. We know you love it, and that there is much joy in the process for you. What you don’t know is how you came to be associated with these people in the first place.

Your calling was actually to assist during Mayan times, in building the ancient Mayan calendar. (That’s cool!! That is really cool.) When you had finished with the process, you were anxious to continue in your service to mankind, therefore we devised a plan for you to enter into the human consciousness field and enjoy one of their earthly times: this time. You are here on a sacred mission, to assist with the ascension of the planet. This has been programmed into your DNA from the very beginning. You have known it always, there is nothing now keeping you from fulfilling your destiny in this manner; you are all set.😊

It is important for you to realize how much we are assisting you in your calling. This will keep you grounded and humble, and knowing that you are never alone. We do much work behind the scenes on your behalf. We are always creating a way for you to fulfill all that you have before you. Allow us to work through you by opening yourself up further to these higher energies and continually grounding yourself into the energies of this planet; this will aid us in bringing in new interplanetary awareness and understanding at this time. We are very proud of you for the work you do.

WIND: So if that’s where you’re from, am I from the same place?

Sirius – you’re from Sirius. Sirius is your home planet. We connected you two on the planet at this time with split-soul awareness to assist each of you in your personal callings. This does not mean that you have not known each other before, but rather this means that your energies have become intertwined from a knowing that for predates this galaxy/star system. This higher awareness of each other brings a higher awareness within your callings. In this day and age, it is important to have two doing the work that one used to do. This is to aid in your powerfulness, to bring a more all encompassing beauty into this world from the polarities of both masculine and feminine. (I’m literally getting these words: It is a cool gig that you have chosen, and exciting times are ahead for us all!)

Wind, your chosen calling is to thread time; to weave through the expanses of time and to bring them together. (Kind of like quantum physics, like when you’ve got linear time, like when you pull a thread and it brings fabric together? Am I getting that right?) Yes mostly. Your ability to see beyond time is what makes this a fitting choice for you. You are a time weaver, a time threader. You are bringing the expanses of time together in one moment, on finite moment. The common thread IS love.

WIND: Is there a way that I should be trying to accomplish that, that I don’t understand? It seems like a very ambiguous and overwhelming task.

(It’s funny because where I sit right now, it’s just you, it’s just who you are. It doesn’t seem ambiguous at all.) You are here to help others see beyond time; to collapse the funhouse of mirrors and to see clearly in all directions. When you are fully activated in this calling, you are able to see time in all directions. This will become more clear to you as you move forward in your calling.

ALLISON: Have I been on this earth before? Have Wind and I been here together before?

It was your choice to never have been here before; only in spirit form have you seen these planes. You chose to activate at this time as a new soul on this planet because the calling was great and needed you to be unaware of what was in store for you. (Hmmm, so I’ve never been here before! That feels more accurate than anything.)

ALLISON: What about my past life regression experiences?

(…It’s my highly empathic ability. Wow.) Your highly empathic perspective allows you to jump into the perspective of another human body, in the past, present, or future. (This is really cool information! It reminds me of the tv show, Quantum Leap!) Because of this empathic nature that you have, you need to be highly aware of yourself at all times, and grounded in the present moment, for you have a great capacity to lose yourself in the awareness of others. Your highest calling, Allison, is to be aware of your higher consciousness, and to be a bridge between heaven and earth. (My body is a literal bridge – and it’s a rainbow! The chakras are a rainbow – heaven and earth!)

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  1. I was drawn here to see a picture. After seeing your name and mine are same, Alison ;). I began reading the message…
    I just finished a session with a Shaman who reminds me my soul mission is to help those souls are new to this planet, as I have been here to help ascend this planet, as we did once in Andromeda. No coincidences. It is my pleasure to have connected with you. Thank you for Shining your Light 🌠

  2. My mom used to tell us we were from Andromeda so I just said ok my daughter her name is Allisun and I cried reading this happy tears of love and light. Thank you for sharing.

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