The True Creator Channeling
Certification Course

Are you ready to connect to higher frequency realms?

Are you ready to connect to your guidance team, and receive insight on your life purpose?

Are you meant to be a wayshower in this awakening world, and help others navigate their lives using your special gifts? 

You are in the right place. READ ON…

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Welcome to the True Creator Channeling Certification Course

The True Creator Channeling Certification Course is year-long guided mentorship program. 

Through this program you will receive experiential understanding of the practice of verbal channeling and opening your ultra-sensory abilities. 

We meet weekly online in group coaching calls, to learn about channeling, clairvoyance (and other intuitive abilities), and to practice these developing skills.

At the completion of this course, you will receive a certificate to show that you are a verbal channel!

This course is for wayshowers, guides, leaders, and healers/”wholers” who are ready to move into a higher level of understanding and share their gifts with others.

Here's what we cover in this program:

Pillar 1

Foundational Practices for Channeling: What is channeling? To build a foundation, Allison will share her personal story of becoming a channel and how her gifts developed. Group members will share their stories and set intentions. Allison will also offer a channeling session to the group.

Pillar 2

Variations of Connecting: Channeling, Intuitive Readings, and Mediumship are each unique ways of connecting to other realms. Learn about each one, and discover how to connect with each ability as well.

Pillar 3

Opening your ultra-sensory abilities. Explore the ways intuition and channeling can develop and how it can be used to assist us individually and as a collective. Discover the many “clairs” and learn more about developing our abilities beyond the physical senses.

Pillar 4

Boundaries and self-trust Learning to feel secure in our intuitive abilities through understanding of boundaries and how to navigate the dimensions we exist within and communicate through. We also discuss how to trust the information that we receive and the role imagination plays in building our intuition.

Pillar 5

Becoming the channel. This week we begin the verbal channeling process! We will learn about the interrelation of chakras and neuroscience, and also discover what trance meditation is and how to enter that state.

Pillar 6

Channeling for Others: Discuss insights on channeling for ourselves and channeling for others. Develop our code of ethics as guides in the unseen realms. Group channeling practice and Q & A

Pillar 7

Celebrations and the Path Forward!  This week is our big celebration!! Celebrate all you’ve learned, share your next steps with your community, and receive your True Creator Verbal Channeling Certificate.

What previous students are saying about this program:

Dianne Prado – Los Angeles, CA

Michael Davis – Mexico

Julia Leible – Switzerland

“Allison Holley is a gift to the universe and a gracious guide to help others access the healing energy of the divine collective consciousness.

Allison is authentic and committed to her work in helping others, which results in her teachings being truly life changing. She is pure light and in her Channeling Certification course she offers truthful insight and safe guidance to those who are willing to access our inherent higher levels of consciousness. I am profoundly changed after this training and I highly recommend Allison’s work.

By taking this course I became aligned to my purpose and met an amazing group of supportive humans. I am inspired and I am grateful.”

Erica Winkelman – Kansas City, MO 

Kai Ryun – Kansas City, MO

“It’s been an absolutely crazy day for me and all I can do is think about going home to channel.

This change in mindset alone is worth taking this course. Beforehand, I would fantasize and dissociate from myself and those around me. I would seek a fantastical escape that would never happen. Now, I smile, and I picture eight other souls who have brought such light and joy to my life. I picture their faces and I hear their voices. These giant waves of gratitude crash over me and it helps wash away my day and helps me begin to channel.

Just feeling this connection I have to those other wonderful souls and to the Universe itself has changed me as a person. It’s changed my mindset, it’s strengthened gifts in myself that I didn’t even know I had, and it’s helped bring me peace. A gift I haven’t had in a very long time.

If you’re thinking about making this decision and the only thing holding you back is fear and worry that you won’t be able to, please do yourself the greatest gift and sign up. Allison has an amazing ability to push you further than you thought you could go, teaches without making you feel small, and radiates Universal connection and love. To have this connection with her and go through this process with other students who are feeling those same joys and moving past those same fears is indescribable. It really is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I can’t recommend this course or Allison enough.”

Frequently asked questions:

Can everyone channel? Has anyone been unsuccessful by the end of your course? Yes! Everyone has the capacity to channel. This is a part of who we are, as spiritual beings in human form. In this course, I teach you the tools and practices to access the higher frequency realms consistently and clearly, including both spiritual and neuroscience-based approaches. Everyone in this course has successfully channeled multiple times by the completion of the course.

I’m a little nervous to channel. I’m really sensitive, and I’ve had uncomfortable experiences before. Do you teach us how to protect ourselves? I understand, I’m very sensitive too! I have been taught a lot about boundaries and protection through my channeling practice. Learning boundaries and protection is the topic of Pillar 4 in this course. I teach you how to access realms beyond duality, how to feel safe and trust yourself, and how to remain grounded in your human experience throughout. I am here, and we as a community are here, to help you be empowered in these teachings.

What times are the weekly classes, and how long do they last?  We meet as a group over Zoom each Friday at 9am pacific time. Each class is live, with Allison, for one hour. Having these classes live gives you the direct involvement and accountability to fully absorb what you’re learning, as well as the loving connection to the community, to help you be successful in channeling.

Are you ready to make the connection?

Yes! I am ready to become a channel!

Pay in full: $1997

6 Monthly Payments of $333

Your Guide

Allison Holley is a channel, intuitive guide, and ecstatic sexuality teacher. She is also the author of the book, The Era of the True Creator – a book that was written through a compilation of channeling transcripts, full of information given to her from her many guides and interplanetary friends. 

Allison began channeling in 2012 as the result of an intense and life-changing spiritual awakening. Her greatest joy is assisting others in navigating their own awakening, and becoming the True Creators and masters that they (YOU) really are.

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