The Spiritual Significance of Sexual Attraction

Why are we attracted to certain people, and not others?

For our soul purpose, our sexual attractions play an important role in magnetizing us directly to those people we are meant to connect with, in order to learn a lesson that we desire to learn.

This lesson isn't always a fun one. While we may have wishes or expectations of how this attraction will play out (a long-lasting loving relationship? Fulfilled desire?) often our lessons come in the form of pain or sorrow. But don't discount the fun and pleasurable experiences we have - at times too, our lessons show up as ecstatic joy! This is a very valuable thing to learn in life, and can indeed be brought to us through attraction to another person.

To be conscious within what we are experiencing, while also allowing the multidimensional knowing of the human experience, we can ask the question: "What are you bringing into my life? What lesson is there within this connection?"

And then, of course, PLAY! Don't deny yourself the human joys and trials of learning. Instead, play with your experience, and allow yourself to make new choices.

Love to you!




Ending a Relationship with Love


For many of us, the end of a relationship means ugliness: bitter fights, painful arguments that never feel resolved, and eventually divorce or separation, while fighting over all that was once shared, including custody of kids, and forcing friends to choose sides. I understand – when fights ensue, and pride gets hurt or we don’t feel heard, sometimes it can feel that the only way out is to rip the band-aid off completely in whatever way we can, to push for the separation that we need. 

Last year, my husband Wind and I were going through a rough patch. Our marriage up until this point had seemed unbreakable, and we had been through an incredible amount together as partners – far more than most in just four years. We had traveled through more than 10 countries on a tiny budget, lived in our minivan together for months, lived on communes, and with my parents. We had gone through the various intense shifts and dissolving of illusions that our awakenings had brought, had plant medicine journeys together, he had nursed me through my own heartbreaking sickness, and more recently, we had opened our marriage to polyamory. It was all an intense ride, but we had done it together and it had all bonded us tightly.

But slowly, the need for separation started showing itself. After all our closeness, we both started recognizing that to move forward, we needed to be individuals. Wind took a job that was out of state to satisfy his desire to travel and give me the space I was wanting. We had some arguments throughout this time of separation, but truth be told we weren’t fully aware of what was happening until it was upon us. Through a series of discussions and heated arguments, we began talking about our separation as something that needed to be more formal. That big ugly word – Divorce – came up.

I was completely devastated – I never thought that this would happen. Wind was the love of my life, my twin flame! It was never supposed to be like this. Separation was one thing, but to think of divorcing made everything inside of me hurt, especially the thought of going through that process with all the pain and unresolved emotions that we both were feeling.

As we were talking, discussing what we thought was inevitable, it occurred to me that there may be another way. After all, we weren’t feeling the need for divorce because we hated each other; we just somehow needed to acknowledge what was already happening, and do something concrete that would help us honor this and move on in our own paths. Through the tears, one of us said,

“What if we treated this separation the same way we treated our marriage? What if we turned it into a ceremony or something really beautiful?”

At that, the entire mood shifted. Surprisingly, we both started to get really excited at the prospect of making this transition a sacred moment and creating a ceremony together.  With just a simple reframing, we had changed the entire energy around what we were experiencing from devastatingly hurtful to a celebration of our strength. With a ceremony, we could honor the truth of the matter: that we cared deeply for each other and yet needed our autonomy; that our love for each other was so great that we could set each other free.

We planned the ceremony for Christmas day. We wrote vows to each other, just as we had done for our wedding, and we gathered symbolic items to create a sacred space. We even considered having one of our friends officiate our ceremony, but in the end decided to keep it private and avoid the need to schedule anything. And because we were living long distance at the time, we had to do the whole thing over skype. But it was a beautiful moment for us both. Though we were still dealing with the fatigue of our saddened hearts, taking the time to honor each other and our changing relationship was incredibly healing.

Why is it that we feel the need to end relationships with ugliness? Sometimes it is unavoidable – when a relationship ends and two people have been working on their differences for years and are saturated with frustrations, it makes sense that there would be a lot of animosity. With all the endless fighting, we may have lost trust in ourselves and our partner that we are capable of ever having peace again. Maybe we feel that fighting creates a clean break, and we’re worried that without intense anger and turning each other into enemies that we’ll be weak, and change our minds, returning to a damaging situation. 

There are many reasons that we may end our relationship with fighting and anger. My desire here is to offer another way to move through such a transition: through a loving ceremony. 

For Wind and me, the biggest surprise of all was that our ceremony allowed us to transition into a new level of friendship, almost immediately, without straining over our previous marital expectations of each other. Creating a sacred moment helped us to give a name to what we were experiencing and honor the it, while also giving space for the grieving process to occur. This allowed us to become present with our relationship in its new state. Through ceremony, we were able to move beyond the relationship with the same honoring and love that we began it with.

Real Sex Is Like Chocolate Cake

Real Sex is like Chocolate Cake.jpg

I was watching porn recently (don't judge) when the realization struck me: I was incredibly bored. At first this sent me into a momentary panic, my mind anxious with the possibilities. Why wasn’t anything I watched turning me on? What if I have somehow lost my libido?

Obviously, I’m not an inherently patient person – this was not a long-standing issue I was having with a lack of arousal, but entirely situational and also entirely in that moment, though the feeling had been creeping in for a long time.

Slowly a greater understanding came to me as I examined my boredom. Porn just wasn’t real, and I knew what real was.

Porn represents a completely different version of sexual pleasure than what I know to be true; the situations and excitement presented, though at times is genuine, is based on a surface-level version of sex that is fast and high-intensity, with the climax simply for dramatic show and void of any emotion. I was especially struck in this moment by the showy climax of porn; how could they experience all that stimulus and not feel love or tenderness, or have some outpouring of emotion? None of these sentiments were shown - it was as if nothing had happened.

My orgasms are certainly not like that, and I realized that for a long time, likely because of porn, I though my orgasms were too extreme, and it made me not want to have them. 

Many of us have had these porn-like experiences – quick moments of intensity that are purely carnal, ravenous, or fun. And sex can be like that too. The issue is that most of us stop developing beyond this feverish version of sexuality without knowing that there is so much more, and this more is often what we are seeking when we log on to porn channels trying to find stimulation.

For me, though, these models of how sex looks have become old news, to the point that they don’t even give me a hint of arousal. Real sex has become both slow and intoxicatingly present. It is an act of spontaneity and real pleasure. None of the excitement is lost, though many of the actions seen in porn have gone missing because they don’t actually do anything for me or my partners. Sex has become a way to discover, release, play, and connect to myself and another on an ecstatically pleasurable, and at times even transcendent, level.

My sexual experience (both solo and partnered) has become so much more fulfilling than porn that, in that moment, trying to watch it felt cartoonish and lackluster, or like I was chewing on cardboard in place of a rich chocolate cake – or even a refreshing and quenching green juice!

I remembered a key revelation I’d had previously that is included in my book, The Era of The True Creator:

"Boredom… has an important role to play in our expansion – it comes when we reach a mental breaking point from the loop of recreated drama. This feeling is the window to truth, a brief recognition of our true potential and the jumping off point for an expansive, limitless creation. Upon reaching moments of boredom, savor the feeling! From this limitless space, we can begin to look for creative pursuits that will assist us to grow in ways we haven’t before."

With this realization, I felt calm. I finally answered that nagging question I’ve been having for a while: “Sure this automatic sex is boring, but do I have the commitment to pursue something greater? Do I trust that there is something within me that is capable of reaching beyond?"

Yup. I’m ready for some chocolate cake.

How To Genuinely Love Everyone

Hi Friends,

What a funny topic this is - I have spent months knowing this is something I want to talk about, and yet until recently didn't feel ready because the truth of it wasn't integrated into my reality and consciousness. Now I'm ready.

Loving every single being on this planet is a very simple thing to do. Here's the big secret:

To love everyone, move into the heart center, and exist there.

Our minds are what cause us to believe we are separate, and to pass judgement on others as "safe" or "unsafe". But when we move into the heart, we see that we are eternal and ALL are safe because WE are safe - we can never be created nor destroyed. Our Heart space is only interested in existing in pure love and allowing that pure love to radiate out to others around us. No one is exempt - not the president, nor those who seem to be hurting us, nor our family members or our somewhat tenuous friendships. Divine love is an energy that is unafraid of lack of reciprocation.

An interesting thing occurs when we are in the Heart in a space of Divine love: not only do we love everyone without reservation, we also like everyone because we see them as fascinating and beautiful - not threatening. 

And even more interesting is this: when we are in a space of divine love within the Heart, we feel the love that everyone has for us. We connect with the fullness of the higher-self of each person, and see how fun this experience is for all of us. 

Love to You!


Accessing the Original Cell Through Conscious Sex

Hey Everyone!

Recently I brought through some information on what is called the "original cell". The original cell is an energetic gateway, located within the female body in the area that is physically just to the front of the cervix. This energetic gateway can be accessed through sex, when a man's penis is inside the woman's vaginal canal and pushing against this area.

This energy gateway seems to be called the Original Cell because of what it activates - not because it is actually a physical cell or cluster of cells (though I do want to say that this is the first I've been introduced to this teaching, and I may be wrong on that - I still have a lot to learn here.) 

The Original Cell accesses our original ancestral blueprint, our ancestral DNA. It is an activation point which, when triggered through physical contact, can clear a woman's energy body and return her to her original blueprint, activating the woman into a sort of "reset".

I was shown that this activation point is a sacred area that takes a high level of consciousness within at least one person in the sexual contact. When one person is heart-centered, present, and conscious during love-making, the energy that builds and occurs during orgasm will be directed up through the woman's body and find a clear path to allow the "reset" to occur, creating transcendence and ecstasy - an attunement with our personal blueprint.

However, if both partners are unconscious during love-making and this access point is triggered, the energy is not able to run through the body to create the reset, and is instead circumvented into a confusing emotional response. This can be emotionally devastating for both parties involved, as the energy of the Original Cell portal is quite strong. 

I will be sharing more information as I receive it! Blessings to You.

UPDATE: After receiving this message I did some research into female anatomy, and found the area being described here is called the Anterior Fornix, or "A Spot". The fornix is the area of the vagina that directly surrounds the cervix; during arousal, the woman's vagina lengthens or "tents", and the fornix area opens up to expose space in front of and behind the cervix. This newly exposed area to the front of the cervix (towards the belly button) is the A spot.