What is Sacred Sexuality?


I get this question quite often, so I thought I’d answer here with my understanding of it.

In my coaching, I tend to use the term Conscious Sexuality. This is because the word “sacred” seems to me to separate sexuality in terms of the acts that occur - meaning that people think of sacred sexuality being a specific way of love-making: sculptured positions from the kama sutra, or breathing practices and chanting. While these practices can definitely be included in elevated sexuality, they are not necessary.

Its also important for me to share that one way of connecting sexually is NOT more spiritual than another. Whips and handcuffs can become an elevated spiritual practice as much as the missionary position, and sex between strangers as spiritually uplifting as sex between two married people.

What makes sexuality “sacred” is the consciousness of those participating. When we have the intention of presence, honesty, love, and growth within our motivations, the act of sex is sacred.

Within this consciousness we are able to activate our bodies into elevated states of bliss, and our spiritual consciousness grows and expands as well. Within the act of sex and bringing our bodies pleasure, altered states of consciousness can be accessed, much like what happens during the use of plant medicines or deep meditation.

And, worth noting, that the act of sex is so powerful that it can often make a sacred moment out of something quite benign, spontaneously activating one or both (or all) those involved into an other-worldly awareness.

I personally believe that sex in and of itself is a spiritual practice, in that bringing our bodies pleasure is a great act of self-love, and self-love is spiritual. We are on earth to have the experience of a physical body - and we ought to learn the many ways of caring for it. Allowing the body to be a portal to delicious and ecstatic higher consciousness states is a beautiful way to learn and develop ourselves as spiritual beings.

Mudras to Assist with Ascension Energies

During yesterday's online meditation I was shown a new mudra we can use to assist in running the energy of this particular wave of ascension energy.

Many of us seem to be exploring the space between worlds or realms. This is the dreamscape, also known as the astral realms or the fourth dimension. We are learning a lot about time, and the space of no-time, as well as the insanity of the mental realms.

Mudras can help us move through energy shifts because, when we use our hands, we are consciously running our heart energy. Being anchored in the Heart space will guide us through the astral realms, and help us receive the higher truth lessons through these shifts.


What Is Your Life Purpose?

This is a big question for a lot of people - what am I here for? What is my purpose, and how do I live it? The short version is that your life purpose is to shine your energetic frequency, and from bringing your frequency, your life path and work will reveal themselves. We are so focused on doing in our society that it can be confusing to understand how simple this is; but through focusing on our energy first and shining our unique frequency, we find our inspiration along the way and life the life we were born to live, day by day.

Ascension Update: Unifying Duality

Unifying Duality

A note about Ascension Updates:

Ascension updates are not time-specific. By that I mean that this is not astrological or time-based, but rather this is a gateway that most of us will experience and go through at some point along our ascension path. It does seem that many are experiencing this need for unification right now, but many have already gone through this and many more still will experience it when it comes along their individual timeline.

The gateway of unifying duality comes to us after we have reached the end of our shadow work, and are in the realms of enlightenment. From this place, that I call the "zero point", we are free to make choices without the baggage of stuck pain in our energy field and mind.

As this comes up for us, we will notice ourselves being faced with an area in our psyche that is still anchored in dualism, where we feel limited. We may feel we don't have freedom of being both human and heavenly, or that there is a part of ourselves that we simply can't accept because to accept it would mean facing our biggest fears of not getting what we want in that area.

For me, this showed up in reconciling my sexual desires, and feeling simultaneously that I could never have these desires fulfilled if I wanted to also live my life purpose. For others, it is facing the inner fear of abandonment, or feeling that we can't have a wide spectrum of human emotions and still be perfect as we are - that we are flawed in our human-ness. For others still, it is showing up as limiting monetary beliefs. However it is showing up for you, know that we are being asked to face deep psychological fears, and that by unifying our inner duality, we will find freedom.

Lots of Love,


The Best Awakening Movies List


(Photo credit: From the movie "The Fountain")

It's surprising how many movies have themes that we really can't fully grasp until we've had our consciousness expanded. The question has to be asked: how many of these producer/director/writer teams have full knowledge of what they're creating?

We're sure there are more movies out there, but these are the ones we've seen that have left us hopeful for the media of tomorrow. 

NOTE: We are always updating this list with new titles, so let us know if you have a suggestion to add to the list!

Cloud Atlas - This is first on the list because it is so fresh in our minds. The film shows a handful of people as their stories intertwine throughout multiple lifetimes, with each person playing different roles for each other in the reincarnation cycle. Having seen this many times already, in each viewing we still discover a new layer to the web of connectedness among the characters.

In Your Eyes - TWIN FLAMES??? This movie is so great, we were really happy to find it: all about the life-long telepathic connection between two people from "opposite" ends of the socio-economic spectrum.

Wake Up (documentary) - We LOVE this one! Follow the story of Jonas, who has an awakening and learns to navigate and expand his understanding of the world. You'll probably identify with much of what he experiences.

K-Pax - How many starseeds and walk-ins can identify with this beautiful movie?! Kevin Spacey is well-cast as a new arrival to Earth from his home planet, K-Pax. The plot (and his hilarious love for produce) made me a little homesick.

The Fountain - Incredibly moving with astounding cinematography, The Fountain connects two people throughout three lifetimes, and the search for eternal life. This is another movie I've seen multiple times, and every time I cry.

Interstellar - It's hard to describe how perfectly this movie fits into this list without spoiling the ending; Interstellar is said to be one of the most scientifically accurate sci-fi films to date, and it also deeply matches what we know of our current ascension process. It's three hours long and we weren't bored once!

The Matrix - When I went through my awakening, all I could think was, "Wow... the Matrix is real!". You've seen the meme hundreds of times: Which pill do you choose?

Avatar - A futuristic return to native, ancient sacred ways of existing harmoniously with each other and with nature. Hopefully there's a less apocalyptic way to achieve this New Earth here.

I Heart Huckabees - Detailing the many aspects of an existential breakdown in a completely hilarious and human way, this is one of my absolute favorite movies, ever!

Chronicle - Three teenage boys happen upon a mysterious glowing object which gives them telekinetic powers. As each begins to explore their growing abilities, their perspectives of the world shape their trajectory. We chose this movie because it mirrors what our ego can do to our Awakening when not rooted in love.

Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Set in Middle Earth and filled with sorcery, magic, and fairies, this film explores many aspects of mastery within the 4D realm.

E.T. - Phone home!!

Contact - Jodie Foster as a scientist who deeply wants to connect with life "out there" on other planets, which for her is also a way to connect with her father who passed away when she was a child. If you haven't seen it, the journey she takes at the end is incredible - you may have experienced something very similar in your own journeys;)

The 5th Element - Yes its true, the 5th (dimensional) element is Love.

Phenomenon - An "ordinary" man experiences a sudden expansion of consciousness, and psychic and telekenetic abilities after seeing a strange light in the sky. The abilities and subsequent isolation he experiences mirrors the Awakening journey that many have or are currently going through.

Harry Potter Series - I would love to have all of our schools be just like Hogwart's!

Limitless - In this movie, a pill allows Bradley Cooper to access all of his brain, and thus helping him fulfill unlimited potential.

Happy (documentary) - Instead of studying depression, these psychological innovators study happiness! A documentary that takes you around the world to discover what makes people happy.


Waking Life - When are we dreaming, and when are we awake? Which part of our lives is the illusion? Filled with eye-opening discussions and beautiful animation.

The Truman Show - No coincidence, we think, that Jim Carrey starred in this story of people playing "God" and controlling a very illusioned and dense 3D life. Followed Jim Carrey's deeply profound spiritual realizations lately?

What Dreams May Come - When we realize that hell is only our loss of empowerment and that love is the key to "heaven", we unlock the full potential within.

Groundhog Day - In an awakening we come into full knowledge that we are able to step out of the karmic cycle in this lifetime, with intention and awareness. Bill Murray gets to experience the karmic life cycle in just one day, until he gets it right!

What the #$*! Do We (K)now?! - Especially for the scientifically-minded, this movie explores quantum physics and spiritual potential.

Kumare (documentary)- Are we following a guru, or are we trusting our own guidance? Kumare turns out to be an incredible teacher in a way he might not have intended, as he gradually becomes what he sets out to disprove.

Into the Wild - A true story of the journey into the exploration of full liberation. How far do we wish to explore the edges of the envelope in our quest? Is death the end, or just the beginning?

The Secret - Though it feels a bit focused on materialism, this movie teaches many great fundamentals on how we manifest in our lives. Want to go deeper? Check out Esther Hicks, who's wisdom channeled through her guides created the original basis for this movie.

Celestine Prophecy - Ok, so the movie is pretty, um, cheesy... but still illustrates the concepts of energy and moving into 5D really well. I highly recommend the book for the full story, which is brilliant and ahead of its time!

The Shift -Spiritual author Wayne Dyer's mind and heart-stirring compilation of ancient wisdoms as a way to find our deepest fulfillment.

Hereafter - A psychic who is unable to shut off his gift of knowing, a woman who has an Awakening after a near death experience, and a little boy who looks for the truth about what has happened to his brother after death... box of tissues!! (Plus some cheesy moments, but overall, beautiful.)

I Origins - A molecular biologist seeks to disprove the existence of God through his experimentations. In his mind, he succeeds - but a karmic relationship pushes him to change his perception of reality, spirituality, and reincarnation. (Thanks for the recommend in the comments section, Davinci!)

Did we miss any? Let us know your favorites in the comments!


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