Accessing the Original Cell Through Conscious Sex

Accessing the Original Cell Through Conscious Sex

Hey Everyone!

Recently I brought through some information on what is called the “original cell”. The original cell is an energetic gateway, located within the female body in the area that is physically just to the front of the cervix. This energetic gateway can be accessed through sex, when a man’s penis is inside the woman’s vaginal canal and pushing against this area.

This energy gateway seems to be called the Original Cell because of what it activates – not because it is actually a physical cell or cluster of cells (though I do want to say that this is the first I’ve been introduced to this teaching, and I may be wrong on that – I still have a lot to learn here.)

The Original Cell accesses our original ancestral blueprint, our ancestral DNA. It is an activation point which, when triggered through physical contact, can clear a woman’s energy body and return her to her original blueprint, activating the woman into a sort of “reset”.

I was shown that this activation point is a sacred area that takes a high level of consciousness within at least one person in the sexual contact. When one person is heart-centered, present, and conscious during love-making, the energy that builds and occurs during orgasm will be directed up through the woman’s body and find a clear path to allow the “reset” to occur, creating transcendence and ecstasy – an attunement with our personal blueprint.

However, if both partners are unconscious during love-making and this access point is triggered, the energy is not able to run through the body to create the reset, and is instead circumvented into a confusing emotional response. This can be emotionally devastating for both parties involved, as the energy of the Original Cell portal is quite strong.

I will be sharing more information as I receive it! Blessings to You.

UPDATE: After receiving this message I did some research into female anatomy, and found the area being described here is called the Anterior Fornix, or “A Spot”. The fornix is the area of the vagina that directly surrounds the cervix; during arousal, the woman’s vagina lengthens or “tents”, and the fornix area opens up to expose space in front of and behind the cervix. This newly exposed area to the front of the cervix (towards the belly button) is the A spot.

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