Welcome to the gateway to your pleasure!

Hello friends!

I am developing a new course called the Pleasure Course - something my intuition has been pushing me to do for over a month, and now I'm jumping in! I'd love for you to join me.

This course will be all about awakening and generating sexual pleasure within ourselves so that we are full and alive, so that this energy radiates out and enlivens everyone we encounter.

For this beta-version of the Pleasure Course we will meet once per week on video as a community, and then have assignments or take-home projects to work on during the week. I will be very present and offering all that I can, as well as learning from each person in the group what needs to be offered in subsequent pleasure courses!

The cost is $90, and we will have our first meeting Sunday, July 1 at 6pm Pacific time.

I am keeping attendance to 7 people so that each person can really dive in and have time to speak and connect - which means I only have three spots left!

To join the group and be a part of the beta version of this life-changing course, click the button below.

I can't wait to see you in class!